There were no way that I could take credit for all of the work. I have to thank every unique human bean who has ever worked or collaborated with me. Each creative person has helped me elevate my photography in some form or another, they definitely deserve to be recognized. Being creative is a hard job; as it requires a concentration of time, commitment, and cost. I would not be anywhere without these awesome friends, truthfully. Please feel free to look them up and check their work out!



  • Peter Longno
  • Eric Storey


  • Samantha Cerna
  • Cristelle Martins
  • Gianna Cala-Smith
  • Melissa Ann Taylor
  • Lindsay Smith
  • Mary Do
  • Haide Gonzalez
  • Laura Daniela Perez Gutierrez
  • Lisa Deleon
  • Sanetra Stewart
  • Berenice Sifuentes
  • Audrey Donovan
  • Rebecca Mummert
  • Kaylee Johnson
  • Diane Green
  • Madysen Kiley
  • Jess Marshall
  • Gia Litton
  • Kiana McDaniel
  • Alondra Leon
  • Macy Chanel
  • Bailey Culbreth
  • Nolan Robert
  • Paul Roberts
  • Chaz Washington
  • Uju Nwankwo
  • Ron Wayne


  • Darian Younce
  • Jason Lee
  • Matthew Adler

Makeup Artists:

  • Leana Rodriguez
  • Anastasia Miller
  • Alex Vega
  • Erika Valdez
  • Christina Schwebach



  • Miss Edgy
  • Pink and Silver Fashion
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Chalk Menswear