Fashion Editorial

Kiana and Ash (May 2017)

Models: Kiana McDaniel & Ashley McElroy
Styling: Savannah Hickey

Candy Mod Girlz (November 2016)

Models: Kaylee Johnson, Madysen Kiley, and Diane Stanley
Hair: Cynthia Valdez
MUA: Erika Valdez
Styling: Darian Younce
Lighting: Eric Storey

#FashionCoupleGoals (December 2016)

Models: Ron Wayne & Uju Nwanko
Styling: Darian Younce
Wardrobe: Urban Outfitters (Austin, TX)


Yellow (November 2016)

Model: Macy Chanel
MUA: Anastasia Miller

Audrey in Grunge (November 2016)

Model: Audrey Donovan
MUA: Christina Schwebach
Styling: Darian Younce and Jason Lee

90’s Grunge Girl (May 2016)

Model: Berenice Sifuentes
HMUA: Alex Vega
Assistant: Wyatt Brown

Vintage by The Pool (April 2016)

Model: Lindsay Smith
MUA: Leana Rodriguez
Assistant: Eric Storey


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